Blind Swimmers

Untitled Hydrodipped shell fragment

Untitled Hydrodipped shell fragment

Aristolochia Buccellati Inkjet print

Blind Swimmers

The work Untitled consists of a shell fragment that has been manipulated using a printing technique called water transfer printing — a method often used in the automotive industry to apply two-dimensional design to three-dimensional surfaces. Using this technique the shell fragment has been printed with its own image. Haunted by its digital representation the shell emits a ghost of itself like an unheimlich double. The work is shown together with printed images of 3D modelled objects in which organic textures are seamlessly integrated with surfaces reminiscent of mass-fabricated objects. Being something between adjusted internal organs, prototypes of industrial design products or biological life forms, the image series constitute a visually enigmatic manifestation of an impossibility; a photographic index of nonexistent objects.

Solo exhibition at DELFI 2018